January 4, 2009

Been gone so long

It seems like forever since I have had anything worth writing about. December seems like a blur. There were shows to see, but there were also colds to catch, family matters to take care of, and of course the holidays to survive.
I finally resurfaced last night at Atwood's in Cambridge. I had not been there before, and despite the cold I braved the night and am glad I did. Atwood's is a cozy neighborhood bar with apparently great food (though I did not partake). On stage were five lovely voices -- Anne Heaton, Aoife O'Donovan, Rose Polenzani, Laura Cortese and Jennifer Kimball. They took turns, trading lead vocals while the others supplied soaring harmonies and back-up musical accompaniment. The stage was fairly dark, and my camera failed to produce anything worth posting, but I was able to pilfer this photo from Nicole Soriano's Facebook page. Nicole (who I don't know) apparently put the whole show together so we have her to thank.
My resolution for the new year is to get to more shows and learn to use my camera to get better pics... and to write a lot more. Talk again soon. Happy New Year.

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