January 26, 2009

No bad news

Don't bring me bad news, no bad news
I don't need none of your bad news today

Those are the opening lines of Patty Griffin's song "No Bad News," one that I was looking forward to hearing when I purchased tickets to see the "Three Girls and Their Buddy show at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston on Feb. 22. Patty, Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin and Buddy Miller will be performing, singing harmonies on each other's songs and genuinely having a fine time. And to make things even better, I won a backstage meet & greet with the artists after the show. Now, I have never won anything my entire life so this is very cool. I'm not a big one to shake hands and drool over stars, and don't figure to do it here, but it is exciting to win a chance to say hi.
Now, of course, the "bad news." The Oscars are that night, something I didn't realize when I bought the tix in December. I really don't care a lick about the Oscars, never have, ... except it's my job to care. My day job as an editor in the Arts section of the newspaper makes the Oscars a big deal in my life. I'm hoping some miracle happens that cancels the frickin' awards show or maybe one of the musicians comes down with a cold and they have to reschedule... that would work too. Argh! Stay tuned to find out how this all plays out. For now, enjoy this clip from the tour (this may be my only chance to see them).

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Anonymous said...

I did hear that Buddy Miller was taken ill last night. Hope you figure out your conundrum!