January 11, 2009

Hello Dolly

OK, I realize that for serious fans of country music, this post will sound incredibly lame because for them, Dolly Parton is and has always been an integral part of the genre. I am not afraid to admit that I am incredibly late to the party and that I have just begun to explore the greatness of her music, but growing up in the Northeast in the '60s, we only knew of Dolly for her "unique physical attributes" and her kind of goofy persona. And I probably would not have thought twice of her if I hadn't fallen for Mindy Smith's album "One Moment More" a couple of years ago. Mindy did a version of Dolly's "Jolene" that was stunning. When I learned that it was a Dolly Parton song and that Dolly sang backup on the song, I had to search out the original version, which is fabulous. And recently when listening to the radio, the DJ mentioned that Dolly had covered the song "Shine" by Collective Soul (a song I'm not particularly fond of) and that it is "awesome." My brain just couldn't figure out how Dolly Parton would cover that song and what it would sound like. Well, if you haven't heard it, check out the video below. The song is a bluegrass bombshell. Her voice is amazing and the band rocks the 'grass like you've never heard. My name is Rich, and I'm a Dolly Parton fan.

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