April 6, 2009

Derek Trucks at the House of Blues

I have been waiting patiently for other bloggers to chime in, to deliver a setlist, pictures from the Derek Trucks show last Thursday at the House of Blues in Boston. I was there, and Derek put on a great show. The problem is, I'm not a huge fan so I don't know the song titles, players etc. So I was looking for some help.
Here's some things I do know: Derek Trucks may be the last of a dying breed of guitar gods -- guys who just stand up there and play without the bullshit theatrics or corny pop songs -- he isn't even his own band's singer.
The band was superior: The singer Mike Mattison has a soulful, gravelly voice who must have the patience of a saint, for standing there during all the lengthy solos. Kofi Burbridge on keyboards and flute is a dynamo. Bassist Todd Smallie, Yonrico Scott on drums and Count M'Butu on percussion are solid. For this show, Susan Tedeschi, his wife and who is also from Norwell, joined the band on a number of songs on backup vocals and Jaimoe, the Allman Bros. drummer, played on a few tunes. His Jassz Band was the opener, a funky mix of soul and jazz.
The new House of Blues is a nice place to see a show IF you are able find a good spot for viewing. It has an expansive floor space and a balcony above that, which is a great place to watch from IF you can get along the rail. If you don't get the rail, you will not see. The acoustics in the place are dynamite so if you don't care about "seeing" the show, you can still enjoy the sound. There is an awesome VIP area (which I did not get into), which starts on the same level as the balcony and slopes upward and is straight-on to the stage.
So the songs... He did a totally out there, great version of "My Favorite Things" and a blow away version of "Anyday," the Derek & the Dominoes tune.
I finally found the setlist and luckily for me, it was attached to the actual whole show available for download. Click HERE to go there.

Here it the setlist:
Get What You Deserve
I'll Find My Way
These Days Is Almost gone
So Close, So Far Away
Don't Miss Me When I'm Gone
I Know
Down in the Flood
Already Free
Done Got Over
My Favorite Things

We're A Winner
Sweet Inspiration

PS Sorry for the rushed post... my life is kind of in upheaval at this time. Will try to be more attentive to this blog in the future, but it may be a while before I get my act together.