May 9, 2009

The community of No Depression

It's been a while since I posted, what with major job issues, etc. But I just have to spend a few minutes talking about the new No Depression website. First let me say that I really miss the magazine version. It was one of the few publications that went for substance over style (take that, Rolling Stone and Paste). The interviews were always interesting and the album reviews weren't always trying to please the artists. But being in the print business (newspaper), I understand how hard it is to keep a publication afloat, and where this is all heading no one really knows. I want to say damn the Internet, but of course I use it as much as anyone -- even for reading my own newspaper!
But to the ND website. At first I thought I would have very little interest in the "community" idea. Yeah, we could post our favorite shows and listen to others rattle on about this and that, but I just didn't think I'd find it that interesting. But I was wrong.
The ideas, the ruminations and the information about "alt-country" music (whatever that is!) has become a great jumping-off point for many interesting and relevant conversations. My favorite spot is the forum where such topics include "Funniest Live Moments," talk about the new Dylan album (see, not just alt-country), and a question about whether house concerts are the savior for acoustic music.
I've even used the space to post my own question for musicians to answer for my next issue of Modern Acoustic.
If you haven't checked out the site lately or at all, you should. It may not offer the same experience as sitting down with the latest copy of No Depression the magazine, but it still has the same alt-country (whatever that is!) feel.

In a conversation of Neil Young's best songs was this great video... Enjoy!