November 30, 2008

The Other Side

On a recent trip into Boston, my daughter and I stumbled across this cafe for lunch. Being the Josh Ritter fans that we are, we had to stop in, get lunch and grab a couple of snaps to share with others.
How do you know it's a college hangout? On the brunch menu: "The Blue Ribbon Breakfast" consists of 2 scrambled eggs, beef knockwurst, biscuit and a PBR on draught. $8.99.
The place is a little expensive for students, but the food is yummy.
Their MySpace page is HERE.

Josh Ritter's "Other Side"
Say the West is a story we made up to erase
Conestoga wagons left tracks you can see from space
From the Northwest passage to the Great Divide
Everybody's looking for the other side

I'm still waiting for the whiskey to whisk me away
And I'm still waiting for the ashtray to lead me astray
I twist the culdesacs into one way signs
I ain't going round in circles on the other side

So at night I sit and watch for stars to stay
They wink and then they're gone down the Milky Way
But when You're left in the middle of the Midwest sky
Everywhere you look is the Other Side

Listen to the full album, "Golden Age of Radio," HERE.

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