June 22, 2010

Mixing the new, old

As we mentioned in the new issue of Modern Acoustic (click HERE), there's a lot that goes on in the three months between editions. Timing of album releases certainly make it difficult to decide whether to run reviews early or late because of our magazine release schedule (usually March, June, October, December). That is what this blog has been for, to fill in the gaps and try to keep readers up to date. In the past it's been mostly concert reviews and tidbits of facts and ideas that come to mind, but not necessarily worthy of full stories.
To add to that, we're going to try something new... and something old.
You may have noticed in the last issue we ran a column on the List Page featuring snippets from blog posts written between issues. We are going to expand that idea in the magazine, most likely replacing in most editions the List Page, which is becoming more and more of a challenge to keep up.
And here on the blog, we will begin offering short CD reviews of albums we receive but don't fit the timeframe of the magazine. Most likely those reviews -- or snippets of those reviews -- will end up on the last page of the magazine with links to the blog review.
Also, here on the blog, we'll occasionally offer a feature called Blasts from the Past -- stories from past issues of Modern Acoustic. From the beginning, right up to the last four or five issues, stories were only available on the pdfs and to this day do not live on the Web in any other form. We're going to start it off with a short Q&A we did with Josh Ritter from 2005 (Issue No. 4; click HERE). I think you will find it amusing.
We hope you'll enjoy these new -- and old -- features. We think they will help fill in the empty spaces between issues.

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