October 7, 2008

Facebook, Sacred Shakers

I'm settling back in after finally birthing Issue No. 22, and am working on a bunch of new things before launching into the next issue. It usually takes me a good month of down time from the magazine to get myself psyched to start on the next one. But this time it's a little different because the end-of-year issue is always fun. Choosing favorites of the year is always difficult, but it's fun to go back and listen to albums that got you cranked up months ago, even if they've faded a little since. I've already started working on the cover, which is a little surprising that it came so easily so quickly.
I've also launched a Facebook page. I know, like I need another thing to keep updated. I like it though. It's more interactive than MySpace and I'm hoping to draw in more readers to the magazine as well as make some new friends. You can find me by searching for Modern Acoustic, or just click on the link at the right.
I'm also excited about seeing the Sacred Shakers in a week or so. If you've never heard of them, you may know Eilen Jewell. If you don't know her, well, then you've got some listening to do. Eilen is one of my favorite artists. She's got this twangy country sound and an incredible energy. Her band is great too, and they are joined by a host of top New England rockabilly players to make up the Sacred Shakers. The music is made of old gospel and country tunes with a danceable beat. It's awesome. They are playing a new Boston place called the Beehive, which I have not been to yet. So I'm psyched. Below is a clip of the Eilen Jewell band I took in the dance tent at the Green River Festival this summer. The video's a little unsteady because the floor was made of plywood and with people dancing I was being bounced along.

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