May 29, 2008

Floating along with the Submarines

I posted earlier about how much I liked The Submarines' new album, "Honeysuckle Weeks," and last night I got to see them live at the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge. I came away thinking how much fun they seem to be having. They were totally pleased with the turnout here... maybe they get smaller crowds elsewhere and because they are both originally from New England, they got an extra bump in attendance. Whatever reason, they play a bubbly brand of poppish-rock sparked with great enthusiasm and cheeriness.
Blake Hazard and John Dragonetti are actually The Submarines; they brought along a drummer, a very exuberant guy named Jason Stare, who looks kind of like Animal from the Muppets. The only drag was that between the lighting at the Middle East and the camera I was using, I get next to nothing for pics. The two above are really the only ones that weren't blurry. I also took two videos, below. On both the focus goes in and out, which sucks, but the sound quality is pretty good. So while the videos are playing, go search out pics of Blake. She's really cute and exuberant. The one thing that sort of twisted me is that they play with a lot of computer-backed music, which really goes against what I believe a band is all about, but all three do play instruments to augment the sound. I just wonder how much spontaneity can occur... But the show was still great fun.

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