April 5, 2008

Sarah, smiles

I don't have a lot more to add to what I've said about Sarah Borges in the past. But I just love going to see her perform live. Last night, she and her band the Broken Singles played Johnny D's in Somerville, one of the best places in the Boston area to see live shows. The band was in rare form, after just returning from South By Southwest. They certainly seem to be tighter than ever, and they plowed through nearly two hours of great bar-room swinging country/rock, even getting a few members of the crowd to dance. The only drawback to Johnny D's is the lack of light, which does not help my photography skills or equipment. My video pretty much failed me and I came away with only a couple of good photos. The pic above is very telling because Sarah's guitarist Mike Castellana is a monster as well as a great guy. He plays both electric and pedal steel guitars, and as I've stated in my magazine he is both tasteful and ferocious -- sometimes at the same time. He is in another band called the Blue Ribbons, who I have not caught yet, but plan to see soon. As for Sarah and the rest of the band, they are just a blast. If you have never seen them, check their tour itinerary here and make a point to see them. Her MySpace site is here. Past Sarah videos can be found below right.

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