November 15, 2007

Gill, if you are out there...

This is an open-letter to Gillian Welch.
Dear Gill,
If you just happen to be trolling around the Internet, maybe wondering what your fans are up to, and you come across this post -- here's my message: Please, please put out a new album soon! You have some diehard fans who anxiously await something new. Four years is a long time to wait. As for your touring, it has been spare. I mean opening for Bright Eyes? The guy is fine, but, come on, you and David are NOT opening acts. And since your website has no message board to allow fans to discuss and commiserate, we are out there scouring the Web for any clue to what you guys are doing. Have you been recording a new album, having a baby, decided to quit the music biz all together? Please throw us a bone. And that reminds me, recently, I've been searching out any information about your new song "Throw Me a Rope," which has not been released yet. There are a couple of poor quality videos on YouTube (see below) and that's about it. Oh, there's a cool blog, Boney Earnest's Suburban Hilltop Tent Revue, that has passionately devoted a lot of its content to discussing you guys and The Song.
Please, Gill, throw us a rope...

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Brendan said...

Hey, thanks for the nice mention of the Tent Revue. The last news I've heard on this front was over the summer, in a Bonnaroo backstage interview on NPR, where Gillian says they've got "a few" new songs. Which isn't promising.

I agree about the Bright Eyes opening dates, but I am not a Bright Eyes fan. Still, Gillian played a headline gig in Charlotte, this year, so I can't complain too much.